Testimonial Hanna

Marcellina Stolting is so incredibly accurate about why and what my cats are feeling that she is literally a cat-psychic!
I first approached her on the basis of a referral from someone on Marktplaats at the point I was so desperate with too many problems that I was about to give away one of my beloved, much-adored cats.

I am eternally grateful to that stranger who referred me to Marcellina Stolting and her organization.
I can barely describe how terrible the situation was, and that I was not getting any sleep, there was a pile of extra wash to do, and I also tried watching cat behaviour videos on YouTube. Nothing worked. And yet, I was very much upset with any decision to simply give “the problem” away.
To my amazement, Ms. Stolting could fix multiple problems in our consultation.

She zeroed 100% on the precise and exact cause of each problem, and she knew exactly what each cat was needing and whatI had done that was “wrong” without my realizing, without my telling her !
She even knew things I had not yet described. And , yes – everything she said was correct.
The best part was how FAST the results were: I swear to God, there was a HUGE difference immediately. The tests in a day were total confirmation of how accurate she was about each cat’s behavior and needs.
My cats are also so happy and so much more loving, too! Their digestion is phenomenal, too.
They are TOO adorable to watch together.
I literally cannot believe how totally happy everybody is!
I just wished I had known about her months ago, when I was completely torn and had no knowledge of how to stop the bad behaviour.
Before I spoke to her, I was literally already in the process of the greatest heartbreak of giving my beloved boy-cat away.
Plus there are a lot of people who will gladly pressure you to give away pets, to separate them, etc.
But, that is not natural to cats.
And so Ms. Stollting was really a godsend.
I did not need to do something that was dreadfully painful. I could keep my beloveds, and this was such a deep relief.
I am writing this testimonial because It is really important to spread the word about Ms. Stolting and her organization.
I intend to tell my vet about her too.
She is generous and a super-expert
In fact, my cats also show a lot of love to me more than ever before, too. They are truly like little angels now!

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