Testimonial Sontaya Bluangtook

Meeting Marcellina and Jacintha from KGA was the best thing ever for us and our two cats Mao and Jazz. In the past we had the mind-set that taking care of cats involved only lots of love, feeding them and taking them to the doctor once a year. 

Marcellina and Jacintha both taught us how to really listen and observe the needs of Mao and Jazz. As a behavioral specialist, Marcellina was able to recommend countless improvements to our environment, types of food, supplements and specialists which made a tremendous difference in the wellbeing of our girls. It was like night and day. Our girls became noticeably happier and were able to live healthier lives.

The advice and services that KGA provides goes far beyond simply cat sitting, but is about a whole lifestyle for your cat. They are absolutely invaluable! Every little soul deserves its best life, and KGA can help you achieve that for your furry family.

Sontaya Bluangtook

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