Vet nurse special: offering advice to enhance kitten welfare




Did you know that a veterinary nurse can have a significant influence on the welfare of the cat? And when you inform owners on this subject, it enhances the welfare of their kitten during it’s whole lifetime.
In this short science based online lesson you will learn :
– what questions to ask kitten owners, to derive good advice from
– what that advice should look like
– what the most effective time for advice is and how long it lasts
Course fee € 50,-
Marcellina Stolting is a famous Dutch feline behaviorist with decades of experience. She’s the founder of the 100% cat friendly approach to problem behavior in cats and made cat behavioral therapy popular in the Netherlands. She developed an unique treatment form for cats: the felinocentric treatment.
She guides students and has developed various training courses, such as the 5-day Expert Cat Care for cat sitters (2 days in person in Amsterdam, 3 days online on demand).
She has more than 15.000 followers on Facebook You’re very welcome to visit this group, even if you don’t speak Dutch, no problem!
I’m not a veterinary nurse, can I apply?
Yes you can! Everyone who’s interested in how to enhance kitten welfare is welcome to attend!
I can’t attend this class, can I watch it online?
No, this is a live online event. But it will be scheduled again. So please send an email to to apply.
I can understand Dutch, and I’m interested to follow more courses. Where can I find more info?
Please send an email to and tell us more about your specific wishes and interests.

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3 oktober 2024 14:00 – 15:00


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